Best Dog Strollers

Before you buy a dog stroller, you’ll need to measure your dog’s height and consider what types of terrain you will use your dog in a stroller. These two factors will help determine the size and model of the ideal dog stroller for your dog’s lifestyle.
The best dog strollers can help any dog with a mobility impairment continue to live an active, outgoing life in many climates or terrains. Dog prams can also allow senior dogs to still go outdoors on walks and outdoors events and also carry small dog breeds that would normally get tired out on long hikes.


How do I measure for my dog stroller?

Most large dog strollers have hoods to protect against harsh weather like rain and storms and even the summer hot sun. By knowing your dog’s height you are able to evaluate and decide the right size and most importantly the type of dog strollers you need to buy which will allow for enough room for your puppy or dog to stand up and turn around inside the stroller, even when the cover is down and will allow ample room for growth if your dog is still a puppy.


Should I think of where I will use my dog stroller?

I like running with my dog and just like when my kids were small, I bought an athletic push pram for rough terrain. Therefore, it wasn’t hard for me to decide what sort of stroller to buy when my puppy was growing and when Tich was getting to the end of her life. She still needed some fresh air and we got one big crazy pet strollers that I could attach to my bicycle and also run with it for some nice outdoor countryside sceneries. Since sometimes you might want to walk the dog in a different environment you might wish to consider a collapsible dog stroller but they tend to cost more than inflexible models. Remmber, to encourage your dog to get out and walk you might want to consider using some reward dog treats to entice a recovering dog out of the pram.