Dog Crates and Puppy Crate Training

Before buying a dog crate, you need to think about a few things. Each type of crate whether it’s a wire dog crate, plastic crates, soft-sided crate, heavy puppy training crate, they all have their own pros and cons.

The big question is will it last the life of my dog? Basically it comes down to: Which is the best dog crate? My first feature for a great dog bed is it has to be Inexpensive – Great value for a crate is a plus when I do my purchases, Versatile – you can use it with your puppy all the way to adulthood, Easy to use – setup or collapse the crates needs to easy even to a new dog owner, finally it needs to be Easy to clean knowing that the reason you bought this crates was to help puppy train.

Best Dog Crates

Over the years I’ve had the chance to borrow and buy different sizes, types, and styles of crates. It is important that you choose the proper size crate for your pup or get a crate that can adjust to the size of you puppy. A crate should not be too big, but large enough for your puppy to stand, stretch and turn around.


Types of Dog crates


Wire Crates


  1. Easily Stored: Wire crates are collapsible and easier to store.
  2. Visibility: Wire crates are good as your pup can see everything going on around him.
  3. Divider: Most wire crates have a metal divider allowing you to adjust the size of the crate to fit your puppy as he grows.
  4. Plastic Tray: Wire crates come with a plastic tray that is easy to slide in and out. If your puppy has a potty accident in his crate it’s easy to slide the tray out and clean up.

Plastic Crates

Most family dog owners use this as travel crates and you will spot them a lot when you visit the vets pet clinic near you. Why do people love plastic dog crates?

  1. Easy to Clean: They are easy to clean out as all you need to to do is simply hose them off,
  2. Durable: generally thought of as pretty durable (hard plastic).
  3. Easily to Stack & Stored: Wire crates are collapsible and easier to store.
  4. Den filling, Safe: help keep reactive dogs calmer because of their solid sides.
  5. Airline approved: and can ideally be used for dogs traveling in cargo or in cabin.


Car Safe Dog Crates

Whatever kennel you choose, it needs to be safe and can be strapped into your car to make it more secure whilst transporting your dog in a car. Car safe dog crates are just like Mac Book laptops and are made of one piece, they do not have any “weak points” that may buckle in an accident. They undergo stingent test to ensure pets are always safe.

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