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Dog Harnesses

One questions dog owners ask me on my blog is whether to use a dog collar or a dog harness this follows research data that most dog owners complain that their dogs tend to pull on the leash whilst walking. A dog harness allows the distribution of pulling forces which prevents choking and lowering the chance of slipping off compared with that of attaching a dog lead to a dog collar. While a collar may work perfectly well, a harness offers some important benefits which we list further below. For cat leads visit

Best Dog Harnesses:-

Harnesses with front attachment loops give you more control over your dog, especially if they’re pullers, since a quick tug of the leash turns your dog around to face you and away from the direction they’re pulling. Below we list some of the best dog harnesses
– Julius K9
– Lift & Go lead
– Halti harness
– Hurtta Trail Harness
– Ruffwear Hi & Light Harness
– Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness

Benefits of a Dog Harness:-

As a dog owner, one of your core responsibility is ensure that your dog gets plenty of outdoor walkies i.e. physical exercise. During this walks you need to be confident with your dog harness and below we have listed some benefits of dog harnesses.
– Prevent and stop your dog pulling on the lead without using force.
– Gently improve control, speed and direction.
– Reduce reactivity towards other dogs and traffic.
– Improves posture which can reduce back and shoulder problems in both the dog (especially as they grow old) and you the handler.
– Fully adjustable to make the perfect fit for any type or size of dog i.e. It should be comfortable, safe and secure for the dog.
– Promotes even muscle development which can help with a dog’s recovery from injury or hip dysplasia.

How do I choose a the Correct Dog Harness?

Generally, pick the harness with the measurement closest to the middle of the size range but you may have to make allowances if your dog is still growing as a puppy, thick set or slight in build. You also want a harness that is made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability. It should also be adjustable for comfort as well as safety. Most dogs are explorers and therefore you need a harness that is easy to clean (washability). Finally you need your dog to move easily whilst on the lead.
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