Can Speed Awareness Course Affect My Insurance?

So, you have been found to have broken a speed limit on the road, and you’ve been sent to complete the National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC), operated by us here at National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS), but you’re worried that the course may affect your driving insurance. You may be thinking “what do I do?” Well, we’ll tell you.

The primary statement we will make is that, firstly, you must complete the course or risk facing a stiffer penalty as it pertains to your licence, because it will have been proven that there is a very good reason for you being advised to complete the course. A failure to do so in the wake of strong, clear evidence of a speed limit being breached by you on the road not only has harder long-term effects, but it also demonstrates a lack of awareness and knowledge as to the extent and severity of your problem, and worryingly suggests that nothing has or can be learned.


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Assuming that you comply and attend the NSAC, though, it is vital to inform your insurance provider, either right away or at the time for renewal, because again the financial consequences in the years to come will be harsher if you fail to do so. You may be unwilling to take the hit in the short-term, but if you have knowledge of this and deliberately do not tell your provider, then you will be paying more, possibly a lot more, in the long-term for being deceitful.

In fact, it may actually have a greater positive impact on the insurance provider when you are honest and open about any past transgressions behind the wheel. After all, if they only learn later on that you’ve been caught speeding and you haven’t told them, they lose faith and trust in you, and they would be reluctant to help you bring down your insurance prices in the future, because – well – how could they believe that you won’t reoffend if you didn’t tell them the first time? By being open and honest, though, while you may take an initial hit in the pocket, in the long run their faith in you is restored, meaning that it will only impact your insurance costs temporarily rather than potentially permanently.

There is much more information to be found relating to this topic on our website, and you can read this by going to www.ndors.org.uk.