Waterproof dog coats for winter and Best Puppy coats

Waterproof dog coats

I will define what I mean by a waterproof dog coat (See definition here: www.rangersdog.com/best-waterproof-dog-coats-and-puppy-coats/). A dog coat can be defined as a rug, blanket, jacket or clothing used to keep a dog warm during the evening or winter or even cooling the dog during summer months or warm days. This should not be confused by dogs fur or hair as some people might misunderstand you, therefore, it needs to be put into context that you are referring to clothing and not Canis lupus familiaris i.e. dogs own body hair.
A waterproof dog coat or waterproof puppy coat is a clothing that repels rain water or showers and therefore keeping your dog dry.
Some of the best waterproof dog coats include:
1. Weatherbeta
2. Hurtta
3. Ruffwear

Best Dog coats

What can be described as the best dog coat? I think this question is a bit unfair especially when bloggers try to classify a product to rank it as the best without considering that most of the products are designed to solve a particular need. For example, in this article have researched and are going to be listing the few best winter dog coats. Therefore, its fair to only be specific to ensure dog coats designed for summer and spring are not considered less of a valuable product.
I normally ask my readers to consider the dog size first when choosing a coat, purpose, durability and finally price so value for money is list of my priorities. If you love your pet then comfort and safety comes before cost.


Best Puppy coats

Puppies and small dogs are the most likely to need extra insulation during the months when the mercury drops to near zero. Dogs like Chihuahuas, toy terriers, miniature pinchers are not beefed enough to generate heat and will suffer during the cold spells. Additionally, lean dogs like Whippets and Greyhounds, tend to shiver quite easily, and will enjoy their walkies much more when wearing a waterproof dog coat, dog fleece jumper or dog sweater.
I tend to dress my dog with a sweater and light showerproof coat simply because its easy to put on. I would advices using a sweater if your dog is not a bitch, as this will restrict it from relieving itself simply because male dogs parts are around the stomach area. Get a fleece wrap coat for its back and chest area protection.

Buying Guide for Waterproof Dog coats

Coat size is determined by measuring nape of the neck to base of tail. I found this website useful to get the sizes therefore a quick review of basic dog sizes should give you an idea if what coat size your dog might need molevalleyfarmers.com