When do cats scratch?


As Human being we tend to relief stress as cats, and stretching can be used to do this by our feline friend too making them scratch any item in their way. A scratching post is ideal for this as it will be scratched more and spare you torn carpet and furniture in your home.

Best place to put it

Do not put the scratching post in a separate room, study your cat and know their favourite place in the house. That will be the perfect spot to place the scratch post. Most cats want to be around people and you will find them mostly in the family room where you spend most of your time.

You can place your scratch post near the settee arm and entice your cat with a treat to scratch on it and with time it will get used to it.

You want your cat indoors but still enjoy the outdoor experience, move your cat scratching post near a window for her to enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery of the neighbourhood or country side.

Best material for your cat scratching post


Cats love playing with thread and natural rope, cloth and carpet, velvet which can be incorporated in your post. You might not be lucky to get all those in one and can opt to get various scratch posts for different places in the house. If your cat scratching post has a sleeping place for your cat the material should be comfy and warm.

Other cat scratching posts have playing toys which ensure your cat plays a lot on the scratching post as you bond more. Toys are placed on top or a catnip and this will encourage your cat to climb up and try to reach for it.

Toys and catnips help a lot in cat scratching training as the cat get to sniff and goes wild kneading on her paws making her familiar with her scratching post with time and spends more time in it.

Some scratching posts are well designed with a comfy bed where your cat can rest after playing for a while. It doubles up as a bed and your cat will no longer snuggle in your bed and keeps fur off your furniture also.

The furniture you love the most is what you will find with scratches. It might be your cat instincts, slow the destruction by placing a heavy blanket on the furniture to discourage your cat from scratching, tuck it very tight for firm grip. observe your cat and know which material he like to scratch most as this will be essential when shopping for your scratching post.

Final tip

Do not scare your cat away even before training get a scratching post that is stable and can withhold your cat body weight, it should not tumble over and get hurt. Grooming your cat can reduce the scratching too with a good nail clipper as you train your cat keep its nail short. We have researched a lot and put together the best cats scratching post in our previous article.

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